Wanna know what to expect? Have a look at our previous editions.

2022 edition

Challenges and writeups on GitHub

Students are solving challenges, prizes in the form of flags in front of them. Student cooperating to solve a challenge. A view of the entire venue. A Gandalf Epic Sax Guy remix is displayed on the projector. Students give thumbs up for the event. A bunch of network cables, deployed for the challenges.

2021 (online) edition

Challenges and writeups on GitHub

Thanks to Potvos Video for sponsoring the livestream: https://vimeo.com/548318827/bd9b153a90

2019 edition

Overview of the room, tables of four people Several people look at their computers Organizers are walking around to help students A person looks for help in the team Overview of the room Staff is looking at the competition, with a Guy Fawkes mask at the front of the desk People thinking of a challenge, looking at the manual page of a tool Students working in front of a banner of a sponsor Smiling organizing staff in front of the room full of participants Focused students

2018 edition

A team of four students are smiling Organizers sitting behind their laptops An auditorium filled with students, listening to the results A team solving challenges, while listening to Gandalf’s epic sax guy 10 hours mix