Prize Sponsors

We want to thank these companies for sponsoring prizes for our contestants.

  • Guardsquare

    Prevent reverse engineering and tampering with Guardsquare's multi-platform suite of mobile app security solutions

  • Androme

    Our highly motivated team is ready to push its boundaries for you! As a center of excellence in ICT, ANDROME has become the preferred software partner for innovative and hi-tech solutions for both large multinationals and SMEs. Our customers all share the need for state of the art, sound and solid solutions which support them to grow their respective businesses.

  • Intigriti

    Europe’s #1 ethical hacking and bug bounty platform

    Are you ready to test against the real world? Join Europe's biggest community of security researchers. Get rewarded to help leading companies protect their assets. Earn rewards for every bug you track down and submit. Work whenever you want to, wherever you want to. Intigriti offers a wide variety of bug bounty platforms across a number of industries. Are you into web, car, IoT or network hacking? Intigriti connects you with companies that match your profile.

  • DNS Belgium

    Registry for .be, .brussels and .vlaanderen

    In a digitalised society where everybody is aware of the options of and has access to the benefits of domain names, DNS Belgium acts, in a sustainable way, as a centre of excellence regarding everything that’s related to domain names.

  • Fox&Fish Cyberdefense

    How well is your organisation protected against cybercriminals? At Fox&Fish, we offer businessess the security and peace of mind that they need. As official supplier for the Flemish KMO-portefeuille, you can get up to a 45% reduction on you cyber security.


Hosting Partners

We’d like to thank our hosting partners for providing us with resources for the event.

  • Google Cloud

    We want to thank Google Cloud Platform for sponsoring our infrastructure this year!

  • UHasselt Faculty of Sciences (Wetenschappen)

    The Faculty of Sciences organises education, research and services within the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics. It does so within the academic context and values of Hasselt University. Within this context, the faculty strives to educate students and researchers to become scientists of the future with a clear social responsibility.

  • EDM

    Expertise Centre of Digital Media, member of Flanders Make

    As a computer science research centre, the Expertise Centre for Digital Media (EDM) conducts research in five areas. Our preference is to create added value precisely at the interfaces of these different IT domains - where our areas of expertise meet. This is because combining expertise means doubling impact.

  • Vakwerkgroep Informatica

  • The Safe Group

    your guide to Security, IT, Event Tech and more

    The Safe Group has all the needs for the security of your company. Ranging from cameras and access controls to application security, application security and hosting.

  • Filii Lamberti

    Toujours fidèle et sans souci